If you don’t have the right know-how, you’re not going to catch the big one. To help you improve your chances of success on the lake this summer, here are seven basic bass fishing tips:

Basic Bass Fishing Tips

  1. Fish in the Unconventional Spots

    Bass like to go undercover because it allows them to sneak up on their prey. So, although bass can be found in open water, they’re easier to catch when you drop your lure under docks, lily pads, near rocks etc. Basically, look for covered areas and you’ll likely find bass.

  2. Match the Hatch

    Matching the hatch refers to having your lure imitating the prey of the fish you’re trying to catch. A bass’s diet consists of everything from baby ducks to shad and bluegill, so use a lure that looks similar.

  3. Knots

    Fishing knots like the Palomar and Clinch are easy to master and perfect for catching bass.

  4. Weather

    When it comes to weather conditions, it’s important to know how bass are going to behave on cloudy days vs. sunny days. For instance, cloudy days will see a more active bass population, whereas sunny days makes the fish lethargic.

  5. Research the Area

    There are apps and websites that can tell you the conditions of a particular body of water and if the bass are biting.

  6. Water Temperature

    Bass respond to slower moving bait in cooler temperatures and lures that are more aggressive when the water is warm.

  7. Persistence

    If you remain in one area, you’ll have a better chance of catching bass than if you were to move around the water.

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