all inclusive family resortsDining at all inclusive family resorts is easy for you the parent, but your children will make things difficult, you can guarantee that.

You may be adventurous with your dining choices, but chances are, your kids aren’t. When you’re choosing your vacation spot this summer, make sure you pick an family resort and not a couples getaway or a spa. Many Ontario all inclusive family resorts may have couples options or spa treatments, but they will also have many kids activities, and very importantly, kid’s meals.

Yeap, you cannot underestimate the importance of appropriate dining options for your brood. You’re going to have to deal with complaints and protestations at least 3 times a day if your resort doesn’t meal plan with children in mind. This isn’t to say you have to resign your children’s stomachs to a weekend of hot dogs and chicken nuggets (though these are certainly favorites!) but you will want to make sure your family resort has some of the more basic kid’s dishes, like pasta, sandwiches and hamburgers. You’ll also want to ensure that meal times are flexible. If you have a fussy baby, stubborn toddler or sullen teenager, you may not always make it to eat in an hour time slot.

Family resorts need to be casual. This is why it is  important to make sure you’re not expected to show up decked out in full evening wear. Conversely, you’ll also want to check to see if there is a dress code minimum. Some all inclusive family resorts are fine with shorts, t-shirts and sandals, but draw the line at sopping swim suits and bare feet.

The Loughborough Inn, for instance, has a casual dress code, but also offers a sandwich basket or shore basket for those who want to stay outside to eat. The Inn also offers 3 different meal entrees, and the choices vary each day, so you’ll be able to sample a wide range of delicious culinary options.

While all inclusive family resorts are generally very accommodating, you may want to pack a cooler and some non-perishables if  you have a very young child who is just starting solids or if you have a particularly picky eater. This said, don’t be afraid to ask the kitchen to make some adjustments to the meal, especially if you have a child with allergies. You can always call ahead and ask about the menu, the ingredients and to make any arrangements necessary. After all, the point of going on a family vacation is to enjoy your time together. You don’t want to spend the entire time packing an epi-pen in a fanny pack.