5 Fun and Interesting Family Vacation Ideas

When planning a getaway it’s challenging to find interesting family vacation ideas to keep everyone engaged, and even harder to find things that are new and creative. There are so many options, and since the Loughborough Inn has easy access to both the natural and the urban, we did our best to collect a selection of both! And don’t forget we have a great selection of family vacation packages

Here are our top five family vacation ideas:

1) Hiking

Family Vacation Ideas #1: Hiking Activities.Loughborough Inn has direct access to some of Ontario’s best hiking trails, and it’s the most direct way to enjoy the scenery and truly take in what the landscape has to offer. If you’re looking for things to do in-between memorable landmarks, there are a number of games you can play to keep the group entertained. One could be to have the group choose their own landmarks and put specific people in charge of remembering them, letting everyone share navigational duties. A classic game is I Spy, but you can add whatever specifications you want. For example, only use things that start with a certain letter, or go all-out and only look for animals.

2) Boating

With such beautiful waters in the area and boat rentals available, this is one of the most popular family vacation ideas. On top of that, even the simplest things are incredibly fun when you’re on the water. Aside from classics like fishing and exploring the area, you can get everyone excited with water tubing/wakeboarding/waterskiing. The great part about this is that it allows for any skill level; it just depends on how fast you want to go, and what you have available as a flotation device to drag behind you.

3) Museums in Kingston

Family Vacation Ideas #3: Museums in Kingston.Kingston is home to many historic sites and there are enough museums to cover all sorts of interests. If you’re looking for entertaining, educational, and memorable family vacation ideas, these are the places to go; a short drive from Loughborough Inn can land you downtown with easy access to all of them. For example, the Health Care Museum (admission by donation,) the Kingston Penitentiary Museum (free admission,) the Agnes Etherington Art Gallery (children are free,) or the always popular Fort Henry (children are free.) Since most of these are near the downtown area, there is a wide selection of restaurants, parking, and other historic sites nearby!

4) Boldt Castle

Family Vacation Ideas #4: Boldt Castle.There’s not much that beats the historic Boldt Castle in terms of history. Construction on this massive structure began in 1900 on the heart-shaped Heart Island on the St. Lawrence River, and was commissioned by millionaire George C. Boldt as a gift for his wife. Sadly, she passed away before its completion and was left abandoned for 70 years, so this romance-themed summer retreat carries enough background the give the family stories to share for a long time. If you’re looking for family vacation ideas that make it fun and easy to get familiar with the country’s history, this is where you should start. It can be accessed by a shuttle, and supports smaller personal craft if you’re up for making the journey yourself!

5) Cornwall Arts in the Park

If you’re planning your vacation for the summer and like free family-friendly entertainment in a beautiful exterior, check out Arts in the Park. Hosted in the beautiful Lamoureux Park, different shows are held multiple times a month, including plays, concerts, and films. There’s no better way to introduce kids to new things than experiencing them in a comfortable outdoor environment.


The Loughborough Inn boasts easy access to natural wonders and urban centers, including Kingston, 1000 Islands, and Gananoque.

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