fishing gear 2014

Ontario’s beautiful waters are flowing and another year of superb bass fishing is here. Before you head out, it’s important to ensure you have all the best fishing gear onboard to guarantee a year of exceptional angling.

We know, we know: You can catch fish with even the most basic fishing equipment. Heck, you can catch them with your bare hands. This said, being able to do something doesn’t mean you have to, and it certainly doesn’t mean you should! After all, you can mill your own flour – and there is nothing wrong with this – but most people would prefer to buy it pre-ground at the very least.

Anyone who has been fishing awhile will tell you that angling can be tough even with top-of-the-line equipment. Bass, or any fish for that matter, are not robots. They are living things that will respond to even the most subtle changes in weather, water conditions as well as changes in the behaviour of other fish.  Trust us – updating your bass fishing gear does not take the sport out of your favorite pastime. Fishing will still be plenty tough at times and you will still need to draw on all your skill, patience and experience. Some incredible equipment will simply sharpen your skills and allow you to fish to your full potential.

Without further adieu, here’s our favourite picks for 2014 bass fishing gear.

The ReelShimano’s Curado

curado fishing gearIf you’re looking for an incredible low profile bait-casting reel, we recommend Shimano’s Curado. This reel operates beautifully even under the heaviest loads. The Curado is also adept at eliminating friction from between the spool shaft and the gear, which means longer casts and better casting performance for you – even with the lightest lures. We’re talking the best of precision cast control. The Curado was featured in the Bass Master Classic, where it received rave reviews from the pros. We stand behind the hype!


The RodRapala’s SHIFT BASS’N  Series

rapala fishing gear

Choose any of Rapala’s incredible rods specifically designed for bass fishing. These rods are made of graphite composites and are wonderfully sensitive and lightweight while still having the power and strength to bring in even the heftiest catch. Rapala has spent a lot of time perfecting this design and have created bass specific rods with a comprehensive selection of handles, including a pitchin’ & ripping handle, a swimbait handle, a froggin’ handle and a heavy drop shot handle.

The LureJackall’s Super Pin-Tail

jackalls fishing gear

This drop shot bait is the newest addition to our tackle box. We love the innovation that has gone into this little miracle. The unique pin-tail makes tiny vibrations, much like an injured bait fish. Mimicking vulnerability (i.e. an easy meal) will bring fish from far away right to your lure. The Super Pin-Tail also has deceptively realistic 3-D eyes as well as equally deceptively life-like paint design. We love it, and most importantly, so do the bass.

 Time changes and things evolve, but in the end, a day spent fishing is still a day spent doing what you love. A few new gadgets will help you enjoy the experience even more. Believe us, we’ve spent decades on the water and always look forward to getting a few new pieces of gear every year. It’s like another Christmas morning in the middle of Spring!