If you’re going to go ‘all-out’ any night of the year, let it be New Years. Out with the old year and all it’s baggage, and in with a new turnover of the calendar, a psychological fresh start, and another year to smash all your goals.

Planning A Romantic New Years Eve Getaway

There are two types of people on New Years: those who want to go out and party, and those who want to spend quiet, quality time with their loved ones. Why not combine the best of both this year? Going on a New Year’s Getaway gives you a novel experience while letting you bond with those closest to you. You can go big and loud, or quiet and serene. It’s all up to you. Here’s how to plan a romantic New Year’s getaway that can’t fail:


  • Choose the Mood


    1. New Orleans, or a spa retreat in Banff? Decide what kind of vibe you’re going for with your retreat. Are you craving relaxation, or are you looking to tear up the town? People can have very different opinions on what constitutes an “enjoyable” New Years Eve. Inadvertently dragging your partner to a nightclub when they’d rather be at home cuddling is a recipe for disaster. Likewise, keeping it totally chill if your partner has been dreaming about rocking the dance floor will lead to disappointment.


  • Choose The City


The city you choose will be largely dictated by the kind of atmosphere you’ve decided on for your New Year’s Eve getaway. If you’re looking for loud, rowdy and over-the-top fun, maybe Las Vegas or New Orleans could be up your alley. You could venture further afield to Hong Kong, where the fireworks show is jaw-dropping. Or, for the truly quintessential NYE party, nothing beats the ball drop in Times Square. On the flipside, New Year’s Eve is a great time to get some peace and solitude. If that’s what you’re yearning for then a quieter city or town would suit your purposes better. The Grand Hotel Kronenhof in Switzerland is internationally known for being a wellness dream-come-true. Canyon Ranch in Massachusetts is a bit closer to home but is still a total mental and physical break from daily stresses. Or, the Maya Tulum Resort in Mexico offers yoga retreats where you can relax and centre, or get your party on if you’re in the mood.


  • Choose Your Activities


This is the fun part. You and your partner know each other best; your favourite TV shows, favourite foods, favourite fantasies. Why not live some of those fantasies on New Year’s Eve, when anything goes? Here are some of our favourite ideas:

a. A multi-course meal, complete with wine pairings There’s no such thing as too decadent on New Year’s Eve. Many restaurants host their own NYE celebrations, which must be RSVP’d well beforehand. Chefs put together inventive courses and pair them with the perfect wine or cocktail, putting the finishing touch on a fabulous night. You’re sure to meet other interesting travellers, foodies and couples while you’re there, giving you a great company as well.

b. A NYE ball We can’t deny, it’s fun to dress up. Especially on New Years when everyone is rocking their best suits and dresses, doing themselves up to the nines. With everybody going all out, here’s your opportunity to go even harder and steal the show. Get your best black tie event outfit out from the back of your closet and don them again for New Years. It doesn’t matter where you go; you could simply go to a bar and grab a cocktail in your intriguing apparel, but a New Years Eve ball is just the setting to complete the fantasy.

c. A spa session For some people, New Year’s Eve is the only downtime they really get. Relaxing at a spa with your significant other is an amazing way to recharge your batteries and soak up those good feels together. It’s an opportunity to slow down, have deep conversations and appreciate the small things all around you. You can hold each other’s soft, moisturized hands while you listen to nothing but the sounds of snow falling.

d. A movie night There are few things better than a movie night with your partner. It will bring you back to those awkward but amazing first dates, and re-establish your connection. It will also give you a chance to catch up on recent titles you’ve missed-and a movie night costs nothing but a Netflix fee.

Whatever you do this New Years Eve, don’t forget to kiss your partner as the clock strikes twelve! Chilling out in your jammies, or turning up in your ball gown, New Year’s Eve is one of the most exciting nights of the year. It’s worth it to do New Years right-you’ll ring in a whole new year of achievements, and grow closer to your partner. It’s all about giving yourselves permission to do whatever it is you want, and enjoying it to the max.

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