spring cottage rentals

The Loughborough Inn is opening its doors on May 11th for spring cottage rentals and we couldn’t be more excited. Spring is truly one of the most remarkable seasons to enjoy the outdoors – especially in Canada.

Don’t get us wrong: Winter, summer and autumn are great times to be outside too and they definitely have their own beauties and virtues, but there is absolutely nothing as invigorating as the colour and renewal of spring after a few monochromatic months.

Spring is a veritable buffet for the senses, with new things to see, touch, hear, smell and yes, even taste. This makes spring cottage rentals incredibly popular. It is the perfect time to shake off the dust and get outside to explore and enjoy.

If you’re thinking about spring cottage rentals, here are our top 5 tips to ensure you know what to expect and what to bring.

5 Tips for Spring Cottage Rentals

1. Early Birds

Don’t assume that everyone is going to wait until the last minute to book their spring cottage rentals. Many people – especially families with young kids – are itching to get out, get going and enjoy this prime time. If you wait until a week (or even 2) before your vacation to try to find a rental, you’ll probably be disappointed by the lack of availability. We recommend booking as early as possible to secure a spot.

2. Spring Fashion

Understanding real spring fashion means knowing to be prepared for anything – especially in Canada. Spring can mean balmy sunny days in the mid-20s; it can mean rain; it can mean cool days and nights; it can even mean snow, though it is not likely in May. Point being, booking spring cottage rentals means bringing a variety of clothes: Shorts, pants, t-shirts and tank tops, sweaters, rain jackets, boots and umbrellas, a jacket, and sturdy, comfortable shoes – even if it is warm enough to break out the flip flops. Also bring appropriate head wear. Baseball caps or visors are great, but keep in mind you may also need a toque. Again, if you are looking at spring cottage rentals at the end of the spring season, you probably won’t need to bring your woollies, but you should still dress in (and pack) layers. After all, the weather man can only tell you so much. Mother Nature has a mind of her own! To quote the Boy Scout motto: Be prepared!

3. Geography Homework

Learn a little about the features of your region to enhance your spring cottage rental. This can mean finding out about nearby tourist attractions and towns, as well as the local wildlife and flora and fauna.

For example, visitors at the Loughborough Inn not only enjoy a stay in the bosom of nature, but they’re also a mere ½ hour from historic Kingston, Ontario and Gananoque, Ontario. Both cities are home to live shows and entertainment, fine dining, amazing shopping, historic landmarks and tours of the 1000 Islands.

Guests who take advantage of our spring cottage rentals will also be able to take advantage of great spring fishing and may even see some our local wildlife, like deer, beavers, a variety of birds, raccoons and even moose. Bears are also native to this area, but – like a lot of our wildlife – they tend to keep to themselves.

Some of the flora and fauna you’ll see in bloom in the spring include dogwood, daffodils and some breeds of roses. You’ll also witness budding and blooming trees, making the spring an even better time to be outdoors.


4. Indoor Alternatives

This tip goes for any time of year. We know the weather is not always predictable, and sometimes we end up booking our vacation during a wet or cool period. Spring can throw a myriad of weather conditions our way, making it important to bring and plan indoor activities. While it can be invigorating to go for a walk in a light shower, it is not so fun (or safe) to hike in a torrential downpour. Pack books, games, crafts if you have kids or maybe even a DIY spa.

5. Recreational Activities

While you’re sussing out the geography and local attractions in the area, make a point to note activities and make any necessary bookings. This is particularly useful if the weather man is saying your intended time at the cottage is looking a little soggy, or if the weather is going to be great, but you are going to be there for a week or so. Nature offers a spectacular new show every day, but it can also be nice to pop into town to check out the local attractions for a change of pace if you have the time.

Loughborough Inn Spring Cottage Rentals

If you’re looking into spring cottage rentals in Eastern Ontario, give us a call. We’re passionate about our Inn, our nature and our surrounding area. Spring on Loughborough Lake is truly a beautiful time of year. Combine this with our luxurious and affordable cottage and cabin rentals, great staff, delicious food and incredible array of activities and we can safely guarantee it doesn’t get any better anywhere else.