Fall in Ontario is one of the most beautiful times of the year to plan a road trip. The air is crisp and the foliage is breathtaking, not to mention the best harvest-inspired meals and treats you’ll discover along the way. As the end of the year approaches and the weather turns from stifling hot to cool sunny days, it almost feels as if the world is calling out to you to take those last few vacation days left and plan the ultimate road trip.

Family Getaway planning tips

Aside from your basic essentials like toiletries and clothing, here are five helpful tips for planning a fall getaway:

  1. Plan your route wisely

Determine your desired destination and plan your route wisely, considering the traffic conditions. Know where the gas stations are located along the way or any hotels if you need to stop for a night. The less you have to stress about the route, the more enjoyable your road trip will be. Remember, when you leave your service area, it may cost more in roaming charges to have your mobile GPS navigation turned on. So bring along a paper map or write down your route before you leave. Google Maps also allows you to download the route so that it can be accessed even when you’re offline.

  1. Pack snacks

Long distance road trips are fun, but not when it takes twice as long to get there due to too many unnecessary stops! Plan ahead and pack some healthy and filling snacks like fruits, protein packed snack bars, and sandwiches. And why not throw in some chips and candy since you’re on vacation anyway!

  1. When packing, think cozy!

During the fall, you can get some very sunny days and that can warm things up; however, during the evening, the temperature can really drop. Bring along those cozy knit sweaters and socks—you’ll need them! Plan warm outfits for enjoying an outdoor hike, as well as warm pajamas for cozying up at night.

  1. Bring a care package

Make sure to pack things that will make your travels easy, convenient, and comfortable. With that being said, don’t forget your travel mug or tumbler, UV window shades, travel pillow, travel blanket, hand sanitizer, and of course, a toilet paper roll for emergency stops!

Be prepared for any ailments that might happen. Don’t forget to pack pain medications like ibuprofen and medications to treat stomach problems. These things can be quite pricey when purchased at quick-stop shops because you’re paying for convenience for a tiny little bottle. It would be more cost-effective to purchase these at your local pharmacy or department store.

  1. Mobile phone car charger

Remember that moment you pulled out your cell phone to take a brilliant photo of a beautiful landscape and your phone was dead? Total FAIL. Make sure you don’t miss a moment to add to your Instagram stories or to send snapshots to your friends by having a mobile phone car charger. If you’re on the road for hours, you’ll have plenty of time to fully charge your phone.

Let’s not forget the entertainment on the road. Bring your favourite tunes and create the ultimate road trip playlist, complete with way back playbacks. For those who aren’t prone to motion sickness, a road trip is the perfect time to finish that good book that’s been shelved for a few months. And let’s not forget those portable board games like snakes and ladders, checkers, Guess Who?, and of course, a good ol’ fashion deck of cards. These simple pleasures will be sure to pass a few hours quickly.

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