The 135 acres surrounding the Loughborough Inn includes some of Ontario’s premier hiking trails. Just steps from your cottage or cabin at Loughborough Inn are endless opportunities to enjoy the beautiful landscape on foot.

Group of hikers walking in mountain.

If you’re planning a hike with a group of friends, it’ll require some planning on your end. Take a look at our tips for organizing a group hike.

1. Know Your Route
Before heading out on the trails, it is crucial to know where you are going. Whether that means taking a picture of the map provided at the trailhead or bringing along a physical copy you should never hike anywhere without an idea of how long it will take, where you want to end up, or what hazards may present themselves along the way. Trails will often branch off to paths of varying lengths, and you never want to get caught hiking a route that may be significantly longer or shorter than what you expected. It is also advisable that you consider how long it will take your group to walk the entire route and don’t forget to keep your eye on the time. If you are moving faster or slower than anticipated you can always choose to take a detour along a prolonged trail or turn back.

2. Consider the Unique Needs of Your Group
Every member of a hiking group has specific needs that should be met when planning a group hike. For instance, consider the ages of all participants. Both children and elderly may not be able to hike as fast or as long as others in the group.

Another need to consider includes trail accessibility. Do any participants use a mobility aid or require a stroller? If so, you may want to hike on a paved or well-groomed trail. If available or applicable, renting an all-terrain wheelchair or stroller may be a great option that allows everyone to hike on terrain that may be otherwise difficult or impassable.

Other unique needs to consider are possible allergies or medical conditions that may be triggered while hiking. For instance, do any of your participants have an allergy that may require them to take medication before hitting the trails or require the use of an Epipen? If so, make sure that, if the participant is comfortable with it, that the whole group is aware of this need and knows how to accommodate it. One other common medical conditions that may be triggered while hiking includes asthma.

It is always a good idea to hike with someone who has First Aid and CPR training. If not, brush up on necessary medical procedures and always hike with a First Aid kit.

3. Check the Weather
Check the weather before hiking to make sure that everyone dresses accordingly. If you are planning a long day hike, it is a good idea to prepare for the weather to change by packing or dressing in layers so that clothing can be added or moved for optimal comfort while enjoying the outdoors.

4. Have a Day Pack

  •  Here are a few essential items to include in a day-pack:
  • First Aid kit
  • Extra layers
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • A time-keep device
  • A map
  • Bug spray and sunscreen

For more information on how to plan a successful day of hiking for you and your friends, please call Loughborough Inn at 1-833-864-9348 or contact us here.