People who rent cottages expect a well kept, safe, simple, place to stay in, coupled with the prospect of participating in a variety of outdoor activities while embracing a relaxing experience. Most renters are city dwellers looking for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Those with children are still wanting similar amenities found at home along with the possibility of a technology-free family bonding encounter. More often than not, cottagers wish to partake in natural terrains, something they don’t often experience, even if it is for only a week or two.

Trends in Cottage Rentals

With that said, there are many things to consider when looking for the best place to rent. Take time to ponder where you want to stay and how rustic and isolated you would like your time in the outdoors to be. Additionally, you may want to consider the many recreational options that you believe are necessary for an optimal vacation. However, if this is your first time planning this type of vacation, you may want to start small. Choose a place where you can participate in a wide variety of activities situated nearby of your cabin; where there are outdoor activities and indoor comforts suited for every person in your party, and where you get to get away from your usual daily chores.

In Eastern Ontario, approximately 20 km north of Kingston, one can find Loughborough Lake and the stunning Loughborough Inn. Built in late 1921, the Inn is situated on 200 acres of unspoiled land, bordering on 159 km of shoreline. Here you will celebrate some of the most beautiful scenery: especially when the sun meets water during exquisite sunsets. The Inn has an expanded repertoire of rental properties: for the first time renter, the Lakefront and Lakeview Cottages, and Log Cabins are a great option. Each property sports a sitting room, bedroom(s), 3-to-4 piece bathroom, and some have wood-burning fireplaces, with free wood available. All properties have Satellite TV and wireless internet service. Of course, there is the usual assortment of furniture ty within to create a cozy and pioneer feel. Each homestead is spread out to ensure privacy and solitude yet, is only a short walking distance from the Inn, where you can partake in the three daily meals offered as part of the rent. However, due to trends or restrictions in diet, not everyone wants to have their meals prepared for them—and so, the Inn also provide rental cabins outfitted with kitchenettes where renters are in control of when and what they are going to eat.

Along with excellent accommodations, the lake speaks of fun times. Loughborough Inn is one of the only resorts that has a full-service marina situated next door. It is effortless to dock your boat on the premises, which is free of charge to cottagers. The marina also offers boat rentals (speed or fishing boats) that are reasonably priced. If you have never been boating before the staff will help you get started, and soon you will realize how much fun it is. Fish are abundant in the lake: mainly smallmouth, largemouth bass and pike, but trout can be found in deeper areas if you want to go further into the lake. You can also fish from the shoreline near your cabin or the dock. If fishing isn’t your thing canoes and paddle boats are available to use and will offer up some environmentally friendly fun. Lake swimming is an entirely wonderful pass time, especially on those sweltering and muggy days. Bring a beach ball or frisbee and before you know it, hours have passed. Don’t forget the shoreline has many hidden treasures to find, a place to dig and log teepees to build on the beach if you don’t feel like going in for a swim. Not to mention the shore is the perfect place to sit and enjoy that book you’ve meant to read for ages.

The special thing about this resort is that it caters to family needs. It has a heated outdoor pool for those who are frightened of playing in the lake where critters live. The playground is a nice feature for families to gather and for children to play with one another. Fast friendships and hours of running around with kids their age will give parents a break to enjoy some grownup time. For those who are overwhelmed and need time to veg out, the TV and Internet Service can offer some nice downtime.

The nature trails are steps away from the cottages and cabins. Ontario is home to many varieties of plants, trees, animals and insects, so spend some time discovering what you usually don’t see in your neighbourhood. There are many Field Guides written about Ontario’s wildlife, pick one up and have a scavenger hunt. For the runners or bikers in your family, there are km’s of trails to enjoy.

Loughborough Inn is indeed the place to visit if you want to have some time alone with nature, friends, family or a new spouse. The accommodations are rustic enough to give you the feel of roughing it. The staff is friendly and helpful. The meals are homey, nutritious and plentiful. There are plenty of fish to catch, water to swim in, trails to hike or bike. And most importantly, there is a variety of things to do. Or, most importantly if you choose to do nothing except relax and take in the beauty of this beautiful Ontario gem, then that too is possible at Loughborough Inn. Contact us today to book now!