A trip to the cottage is the perfect opportunity to get your kids to disconnect from their electronic devices, but keeping them busy and entertained at the cottage can be challenging. Here are 12 activities that are sure to keep your kids having fun all summer long.

cute kids paddle rafting at the cottage

1. Go on a treasure hunt
A treasure hunt is a classic cabin activity that will keep your kids busy for hours. If you can, separate them into teams and set a time limit.

2. Go on a hike or bike ride
Go on a family hike or bike ride around the cabin. Maybe you will discover a cute little store or ice cream stand where you can purchase some treats.

3. Have a sand-castle building contest
Bring along plenty of different sized buckets and shovels and see who can get the most creative on the beach!

4. Rainy day activities
There is always at least one rainy day during the summer. It is better to be safe and bring along lots of options to keep everyone busy during inclement weather. Some suggestions include board games, card games, puzzles, friendship bracelets, playing ‘hide and go seek,’ and building birdhouses.

5. Read a good book
Let your kids’ imaginations wander in and out of classic books.

6. Go for a picnic
Have your kids help you prepare lunch and then find a beautiful spot to spread out a blanket and enjoy your meal!

7. Pack an art kit
When in doubt, always bring along an art kit. Include chalk, paint, colouring books and all the required tools to help kids get creative. One activity that could spruce up the cabin surroundings is making secret fairy gardens or painting rocks.

8. Watch movies under the stars
Spending time at the cabin should not include T.V. This doesn’t mean that films aren’t a great family activity that helps everyone unwind at the end of a long, hot day. Try bringing your movie night outside under the stars. For extra fun, set up a projector and an old sheet and take your movie night to the ‘big screen!’

9. Go swimming or have a water fight
An easy way to entertain kids at the cabin is to go swimming. If there isn’t a lake available or your kids are too small to swim in a large body of water without close supervision, try bringing along a small inflatable pool or some water guns, buckets, and water balloons to help keep everyone cool. Having a water fight is an especially great way to get everyone, young and old, running around and having a blast.

10. Toast marshmallows
Hanging out around a campfire is an essential part of spending time at the cabin. Teach your kids how to build a fire and then enjoy some good old fashion marshmallow roasting. Don’t forget to bring along some chocolate and graham crackers for an extra delicious treat!

11. Build a fort
Kids love the chance to enter into their own fantasy land. Encourage your kids to build a pillow fort or, if you really want to make your kids feel like an adventurer, help them construct a shelter out of sticks in the forest.

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