When you’re looking for a way to burn calories while connecting with your partner, there are a number of activities you can do. These activities can be both indoor and outdoor, so you can find something to do no matter what the weather is like.

Beautiful young couples walking after the gym workout.

We’ve compiled a list of five fitness activities that you can do with your significant other.

1. Kayaking

Kayaking is a fabulous summer activity to do either on your own or with a partner. Both lakes and rivers are great for kayakers. If you ride solo in your kayak, you and your partner can have fun racing each other and gently bumping your boats together. You can also ride together in a double kayak for faster paddling and closer physical quarters.

There are a number of benefits to kayaking. You’ll strengthen your upper body and your core with the paddling. You’ll also be exposed to fresh air and sunlight. Make sure to wear sunscreen, as the sun is doubly harsh when reflected off the water. If you climb out of the kayak, you can swim alongside your partner for a full-body fitness experience.

Kayaking can also be a purely fun experience. Kayakers can often access places that you can’t reach on foot, including islands, and private boat-access beaches. You can sail along the side of a lake and examine the foliage and wildlife, maybe even finding clusters of edible berries when they’re in season.

2. Cycling

You’ll have a great time cycling, no matter where you live. Both rural and urban areas are rife with potential opportunities for cyclists. When you cycle, you can go further than you would on foot. It’s also an environmentally friendly way to travel. Cycling burns a huge number of calories. The next time you want to drive to your favourite ice cream place, maybe consider whether it’s close enough to cycle to!

Some cities have bike lanes specifically for cyclists. In more rural areas, you may also be able to share the road with motorists. A number of different parks have bike paths and scenic routes created specifically for cyclists. You can also find out whether there are planned biking events in your area, including races and synchronized rides.

3. Running

Running is one of the most common types of fitness activities. It’s great because it can be done both indoors and outdoors. This high-impact workout will help you tone the muscles throughout your entire body, as well as increase your lung capacity and breath control. Many couples love the challenge and motivation that comes from picking up long-term sports together.

Whether you’re in a rural or urban area, you can run to different places around you. Run through the park or around the block. Run up and down your stairs or on a treadmill, if the weather is too bad to run outside. You’ll get your heart pumping and increase your endurance levels. Why not slowly train for a marathon? You and your partner can participate in this huge race after you’ve been practicing together for a while.

Check for local running events in your area. There might be meetups of runners each morning or evening. There might also be races, triathlons, and marathons.

4. Dancing

Dancing is a great activity to do as a couple. When you dance together, you promote physical intimacy and romance. Dance is also a great deal of fun!

There are a number of different types of dance that you might get involved in. Different dance styles will test your body in different ways. For the most part, any dance that you pick up will train your body’s endurance and muscles.

You and your partner can connect to the music and the rhythm as you dance together. Dancing is a time to be both romantic and silly, impassioned and frivolous. You’re getting a workout, but you’ll also be having so much fun that it barely feels like you’re working out at all.

You can participate in dance lessons by looking up online tutorials if you want. Additionally, you can check to see whether there are dance classes in your area. A couples’ dance class affords an increased opportunity to meet other people, which can be great for your social lives. Your teacher will also be able to correct your form and give you pointers to help you improve in the future.

5. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a staple of fitness for animal lovers. How many people, growing up, desperately wanted to have a horse? Horseback riding doesn’t have to be a dream. There are a number of stables that can offer horseback riding for couples, even if you can’t afford to own a horse yourself.

You can ride your horse in urban areas and turn heads while you do so. Alternatively, horses are a great way of traversing the countryside and seeing what sights the local area has to offer.

Horseback riding won’t tire you out as quickly as running and cycling will, but it will still get you to different places. It will also provide a full-body workout. In the moment, you might not feel like your entire body is being worked, but you’ll soon discover aches in muscles you didn’t realize you had.

It takes a great deal of skill to be a horseback rider. That’s why this pastime is also considered a sport. If you’ve never ridden a horse before, you’ll want to take some lessons before you venture out on your own. Find out whether there are horseback riding classes in your area. You and your partner can familiarize yourselves with saddling a horse, raiding the tack room, and trotting around different places.

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