When you read the words “log cabin rentals” you probably get a few common images in your head.  You probably imagine something from a movie – some lonely, ancient thing set back in the woods – that might end up being haunted. People think of something old rather than something new. Cabin rentals in Ontario have taken off lately, and cabins are experience a resurgence in the market for a number of reasons. Here are some of the reasons why cabin rentals in Ontario are so popular:

Energy Efficiency

cabin rentalsTalking energy efficiency in log cabin rentals Ontario is difficult simply because there are multiple factors that come into play, and since log cabins last for such a long time, there is a heavy variance between construction. This is the root cause for so much controversy recently regarding how we grade log cabins and how traditional architecture may be threatened by new regulations. At the end of the day, it comes down to energy efficiency and however we decide to quantify that.

When discussing energy efficiency of log cabins, we need to start with what R-Value means.

R-value is a measure of resistance to heat flow through a given thickness of material. In theory, the higher the R-value, the greater that resistance, so air can’t creep in. When talking log cabins, people generally want to compare them to frame houses built with synthetic materials.   Humidity problems do not occur in log cabins in the same way they occur in standard homes. The reason for this is that the R-value is lower, which allows air to circulate better. How if the R-Value is so low, won’t it get colder? That’s where thermal mass comes in.

Thermal mass is a materials ability to absorb and hold heat. This is slightly different than the R-Value, but it deals specifically with how warm the structure can be; specifically, it  is the ability of a material to absorb heat during the day and radiates it back out at night, keeping the building at a more steady temperature. All solid objects have the ability to retain heat and radiate it at a later time. This is what log cabins have over frame houses and synthetic materials; log cabin owners, especially ones built more recently, cite lower energy bills as a result of this system.
The R-Value is lower because it circulates air more, but the overall heating cost is low because the thermal mass makes up for this.

Health Benefits

cabin rentals in Ontario - cabin 1People who suffer environmental health issues due to allergies or sensitivities often find living in a log cabin to be beneficial. As I discussed earlier, the moisture and humidity is much better in these units, so you are less likely to find mold and mildew. The air flow makes the interior air quality much better. For those with allergies or aversions to these things, log cabin rentals are good for you.

Ecological Benefits

Log homes are constructed of natural and renewable materials that are inherently more environmentally efficient than processed lumber in construction. Using logs can be a “green building” method especially when the timber is produced locally, or the log home producer uses wind or fire-killed timber as the log source. You’ll see different log cabin rentals from all over the world made form different lumber and employing a balance between the natural and synthetic, but the general consensus is that the construction and maintenance of log structures are superior to synthetic frame homes.

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