So you’ve decided to look into the Ontario cottage rentals market. Like everything else in life, victory favours the prepared; if you’ve never done this sort of thing before, we’ve got some suggestions. Ontario cottage rentals are great for families or people thinking about purchasing one of their own (especially if you’re interested in the area.) Cottages obviously vary on size, location, and amenities, but we’ve created this brief list of considerations. Here are some Ontario cottage rentals considerations:


cottage rentalsAre you looking into cottage rentals Ontario  for a holiday, a weekend getaway, or a personal celebration? Pay close attention to how busy you think it will be for the time-frame you’re looking at. Figure out the rough date you are shooting for and plan a couple months in advance. Most Ontario cottage rentals and getaways have deals depending on the season; summer is the peak time for many locations, and you can find some good Spring vacation or Autumn deals as well (where available.) The reason we recommend this is that cottage rentals fill up fast, so try to have a plan B and C in the event you can’t work it out early enough.

Importance of Location

What sort of vacation are you planning? If you’re looking for something in the summer, is it important to be close to the water? Do you want to be farther away from other cottages because you want privacy? If you do want something closer to the water, is it near a beach or a dock ( as in, will the area be filled with frolicking kids?) Maybe you’re bringing a large group and you want cabins side by side. Each of these caveats benefits from contacting the location ahead of time and working through the details; the more stipulations you have, the less likely you are to get exactly what you want as the date approaches.

You’ll probably have a good diea of the next part based on the geographical location of the cottage, but think about insects and wildlife as well. If the season is right, you’ll be dealing with mosquitoes, but if there are any creatures that you absolutely must avoid, do your research ahead of time. Nobody likes blackflies, but whether or not it’s a deal-breaker is up to you.

And then we come to the topic of technological access. If cell phone reception is important, make sure you check on that too. The Loughborough Inn, like many other places, has wifi access, but it’s good to double check.

What to Bring

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This one’s up to you, but let’s put a bug in your ear about something a lot of people forget: linens and pillows. No matter how clean or modern a lodging may be, some people are picky about the bedding arrangements. People who have never been on a cottage getaway before sometimes realize after they get there that they should have brought their own pillows, or never considered bringing their own linens; if this is something you don’t priotirize, don’t worry. If this is the first time you’ve considered it and your jaw is hanging open, close it and start making a pile.

In general terms you should be viewing what amenities come included with the package you’re buying. As an example, the Loughborough Inn includes three daily meals, fireplaces, satellite TV, and a fridge.

Don’t forget the human element. If you are bringing children, make certain you have everything they’ll need. Pick a child friendly place (single-floor cottages are the best for this.) If you’re bringing pets, make sure pets are allowed and that the area will be good for them to have a good time in (preferably away from the busiest sections.) Lastly, if you’re thinking about having guests over, double check with the place to see what the rules are on that. Are they allowed to stay the night? If so,  there a maximum amount of people?

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