Your pets are part of your family, so it’s totally understandable that you’d want to bring your pets on your family vacation. We, for one, are all about family vacations that include the whole family, which is why the Loughborough Inn is happy to provide pet-friendly units to make bringing your pets to the cottage easy. It’s probably no surprise that dogs are our most frequent guests, but we have played host to an array of pets, including cats and even birds.

Aside from companionship, there are many reasons for bringing your pets to the cottage. The most common include:


Whether you need your pet (e.g. a guide dog) or your pet needs you (e.g. a diabetic cat), there are cases where bringing your pet to the cottage is more than a matter of enjoying each other’s company; it’s a matter of depending on one another to fulfill everyday necessities. Even the most stringent hotels and resorts will usually allow people bring their guide dogs; allowing other pets – however necessary their inclusion – may be questionable. Unless you own your own cottage, it is imperative that you really do your research and find accommodations that are pet friendly.


Pets are a lot of responsibility, so it can be understandably difficult to find someone to look in or look after your pet(s) while you are away. Seeking out pet friendly destinations makes bringing your pet to the cottage the easiest and surest option.


If bringing your pet to the cottage isn’t an option and you can’t find a friend or family member to pet-sit au gratis, you’re probably going to have to pay someone to look after your furry loved one. Some pet-friendly places may ask for a reasonable deposit (in the event your pet makes a mess), but you can easily get it back by being an attentive owner and cleaning up after your pet.


Not only can it be easier on your pet if you bring him or her along, but it can actually be easier on your family. Bringing your pet to the cottage is particularly helpful if you have young children who are not used to being away. Including your fur-baby will help your human babies feel more at home.

In the end, the success of bringing your pet to the cottage will depend on you as well as your pet. Even finding a pet-friendly place won’t guarantee you a great experience if you are not prepared. It also won’t help if your pet simply doesn’t like change. Cats, for example, are not generally fond of being moved around – they prefer to live on their own terms – whereas dogs are usually better travel companions.

This said, even dogs can be tricky to bring to the cottage if they are young and/or poorly trained and or/not familiar with the water. With these precautions in mind, here are a few tips for bringing your pets to the cottage. While they’ve been created primarily for dog owners, they’re still applicable to other pets.

3 Tips for Bringing your Pets to the Cottage

1) Stick to your pet’s routine. It doesn’t matter if you own your own cottage or are renting one, it is vital to keep your pet’s routine firmly established to prevent a painful period of readjustment when you get home. Try not to deviate from the usual feeding time and walks.

2) Safety gear. Many breeds of dogs are wonderful swimmers, like Labrador and Golden retrievers, various mixed breeds, American water spaniels and Newfoundland guide dogs, and while it is perfectly fine to permit them to take a dip from shore, you should absolutely bring along a well-fitting pet life jacket for boat rides. Sure, your pooch may be fine to jump out of a canoe and paddle along, but if your precious pet is thrown from a fast moving boat, or is injured while swimming far from shore, the consequences of forgoing this simple safety tip could be heartbreaking.

Along this same vein, be sure to bring your vet’s number, just in case. Better to be safe than sorry.

3) Use a leash. Unless you are at your own cottage and your pup knows his or her limits, it is essential that you keep a leash on your dog to prevent him or her from stumbling into mischief, or worse, danger. TIP: Unless you have a very complacent cat or you are at your own cottage and your cat is familiar with the area, it is a good idea to keep your cat inside at all times – even if kitty is used to spending time outside at home.

Bringing your pets to the cottage can make any family vacation more enjoyable. Just be sure to be prepared so you can focus on having fun.