Beautiful Battersea, Ontario is located in the township of South Frontenac – a mere 20 kilometers north of historic Kingston, Ontario.

This popular destination is well-known for its phenomenal outdoor activities, which includes fishing, camping and boating. Battersea, Ontario is frequented every year by a host of passionate outdoor enthusiasts who are looking to enjoy the unspoiled charms of nature. Loughborough Lake, Dog Lake and the Rideau Canal are a few of the main attractions, as is the friendly, open, small town atmosphere.

History of Battersea

Battersea, Ontario was founded in 1840 by Henry Van Luven. Van Luven was a veteran solider of the Battle of Lundy’s Lane – one of the many battles of the Anglo-American War of 1812.

Battersea, Ontario was originally called Rockland. It was changed to Van Luven’s Mills after he bought 1,200 acres worth of crown land at a very opportune time; the Rideau Canal was being developed but it’s full potential had not yet been realized.

This well-timed purchase afforded Van Luven the opportunity to make Battersea, Ontario his very comfortable home.  He raised his large family there and when he died, he divided his sizeable land purchase among his sons and daughters.

The Van Luven family home still stands today and can be seen as you enter Battersea, Ontario.

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