Finding the perfect gift ideas for Father’s Day can often feel like an uphill battle. After all, we’re talking about fathers here! These are the guys who just go out and buy what they want before a special occasion rolls around, or, while they are never too shy to tell you to turn down your music or wear a longer skirt, they suddenly become too humble to ask for anything at all…except maybe for some peace and quiet (and there’s a lot of merit in this request!). We get it, and as a group of fathers and father lovers, we are here to make the giving and receiving of Father’s Day gifts more enjoyable for all by giving you 8 Outdoor Gift Ideas for Father’s Day.

These ideas are great for any father – even father’s who might not be strictly labelled as ‘outdoorsy’. You don’t have to want to spend a day hiking the back 40 or wrestling a trout to have a healthy appreciation of the outdoors (though we’ve included those options, too!). There are many outdoors gift ideas for Father’s Day that are a little less labour intensive but just as much fun. Read on!

8 Outdoors Gift Ideas for Father’s Day:

1) New Fishing Gear

If your dad is an avid angler, you cannot go wrong with some new toys. Here’s the crux: if you’re NOT an avid angler, you’re going to have to do a little detective work to find out what Dad already has, and what he needs. If, for example, he just got a new, good quality rod last year or in the last few years, he probably won’t need one this year – unless, of course, he needs a different kind of rod. There can be a world of difference between a fly fishing rod and a rod designed for deep water, sea fishing or ice fishing.

Here’s our advice: go through Dad’s gear and record his inventory, then, take it to a reputable outdoors shop and ask for their recommendations. If you can swing it without Dad noticing, it may even be worth your while to take his gear along with you. Chances are you won’t go wrong with some new lures since even the best quality can get lost and/or damaged easily, but you probably won’t want to fork out the cash for a good spinner, rod or even tackle box if you don’t know what he has and what he needs.


2) A Fishing Trip

You’ll know if this outdoors gift idea for Father’s Day is right for your Dad because (ostensibly), you know a little about your father. If your Dad likes fishing, he’ll love a fishing trip. It doesn’t have to be days or weeks (though you can do that too!) but a day or overnight trip can do wonders to restore Dad’s batteries. The Loughborough Inn offers getaways for any angler featuring accommodations in our luxury cabins and cottages and a full meal plan. (Save the roughing it for the lake, right?)

3) A Day on the Lake

Whether it’s for fishing, cruising, lounging or any and all of the above, a day on the lake never goes amiss as an outdoors gift idea for Father’s Day. At the Loughborough Inn, we are happy to set your dad up with a boat and a beautiful escape into some of the most stunning scenery in Eastern Ontario. This is a perfect idea for any father, fishing enthusiast or not. All your Dad needs to do is show up and soak in the sun.


4) Cottage Rental

This is another great outdoors gift idea for Father’s Day that is perfect for the Dad who isn’t hardcore outdoorsy, but likes to get out in nature – even if his idea of getting outdoors means hitting up the local beer garden. Rent your Dad a cottage for a stint so he can get away from it all. Just understand ‘it all’ might mean you too, so don’t expect to be invited. Our cottages boast luxury facilities, including A/C, heating, satellite TV, wireless internet, refrigerators and some even have fireplaces for that cozy ambiance.

825) New Boat Accessories

Your Dad is a man of the water and he’s got the boat to prove it. Still, a few updates and new additions wouldn’t hurt his feelings. Sound about right? Then consider buying new boat accessories for an outdoors gift idea for Father’s Day. You don’t have to get too fancy or even expensive. Some of our favourite boat accessory gift ideas include:

  • A cooler
  • Boat fenders
  • Safety kit
  • Dock rope
  • Anchor
  • Spare battery
  • Life jacket(s)

Check out the quality selection of boat accessories available at the Loughborough Marina.

6) New Hiking Gear

Help Dad hit the trail in style with these top-quality, industry leading hiking accessories.

  • Backpack: We love the support and comfort provided by Osprey’s Atmos 65. It comes with fully-adjustable shoulder straps and belt-hip pads to alleviate pressure. The ventilated foam panels also help keep you and the contents of your pack cool. It is super lightweight (under 3 lbs empty) and is great for overnight or a weekend jaunt on the trail.
  • Shoes: The days of hiking boots are over. Merrell makes incredibly sturdy and comfortable trail shoes that are great for taking on tough terrain and longer trips. Your tootsies will be in good hands with athletic shoe comfort and trail designed ankle support, toe protection and gripper soles.
  • GPS: It’s easy to lose your way when hiking new terrain, but with this handy addition, your Dad won’t have to worry about leaving a trail of bread crumbs to find his way home. Our pick? Garmin 62stc. This GPS pings to a 6 orbiting satellites so you can know exactly where he is – even if he’s in the middle of nowhere.

Other hiking gear you may want to consider includes trekking poles, a multi-tool like a Swiss Army Knife and a tough as nails water bottle.

Looking for a great place to hike? The Loughborough Inn has over 135 acres of hiking trails for Dad’s enjoyment.



7) New Camping Gear

Here’s another outdoors gift idea for Father’s Day that may require you to do a little recon. Unless you go camping with your Dad frequently, you may not be aware of what equipment he has or needs. Big items like tents and sleeping bags last years, if they are good quality. Still, even if Dad has a whole lot of camping gear, you can snag him incredible accessories like a solar charger for his flashlight batteries, a survival knife, a backpacking stove and even wireless speakers.

8) A Book “For Dummies”

The “For Dummies” collection has come out with a truly useful, easy-to-read series of books on an impressive arrange of topics, including fishing, camping and boating. These books are perfect outdoors gift ideas for Father’s Day if you have a Pop who has (or is looking to) start a new hobby.

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