northern pike fishingWhile Bass fishing is very popular with game fishers and beginners alike, Northern Pike fishing presents benefits uniquely tuned to the beginner. Eastern Ontario bodies of water like Loughborough Lake are the perfect habitats for this aggressive species, and the best part is that you don’t need to be an expert angler to see results. If you’re on a getaway with the family, or you’ve never tried your hand at Northern Pike fishing before, then let this quick guide start you off.

Ease of the Catch

The best reason to go after Northern Pikes is that they are easy to catch. This is agreed upon by most every serious angler, which is why the task is usually to catch the biggest pike as a trophy. The reason Northern Pike fishing is so easy is because the fish is carnivorous and will eat pretty much anything. Their prey consists of smaller fish, frogs, and essentially anything moving. They have a notorious appetite and it doesn’t take that much work to get them interested.

Size of the Catch

The second and third reasons have to do with how big the fish can get: Pike is one of North America’s largest game fish, plentiful in freshwater spots like Loughborough Lake (and others in the area.) Like previously mentioned, pike fishing is popular with game fishers due to how big they can get.  The bigger the fish, the more of a fight it puts up, and no matter who you are or what skill level you’re at, it’s always exciting to have a big catch jumping through the air.

How to Catch

pike fishing

Like Bass, you can find Northern Pikes in and around weeds and other cover. When thinking about what lures to use, the main thing to keep in mind is you want something that can be removed from the mouth easily. This is common for catch-and-release, but even if you’re sport fishing, this is important to keeping mind due to the sheer amount of sharp teeth in the pike’s mouth. Aside from that, Pike are known to go after anything that moves, so while there are many schools of thought on which is best, it is pretty safe to use whatever you like.

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