The Loughborough Inn is pleased to announce that our very own Loughborough Lake will be one of the five hosts of the first annual Land O’ Lakes Live Release Large and Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tournament.

Tournament Details

On Saturday, August 17, some of the best sport fishers from all around the region will converge on the County of Frontenac to test their skills and see who can land the biggest largemouth or smallmouth bass. An estimated 500 anglers will be participating in this one-day event which will feature five lakes and five weigh-in stations, arranged by the Land O’ Lakes Tourism Association (LOLTA.)

The competition kicks off at 7:00 AM and final weigh in is at 4:00 PM.

Tournament Locations

Along with Loughborough Lake, the other participating lakes are Kashwakamak Lake and  Big Gull Lake in North Frontenac, Sharbot Lake in Central Frontenac, and Desert Lake in South Frontenac.

“With over 5,000 lakes and numerous rivers and streams,” said LOLTA general manager Rachelle Hardesty, “the Land O’ Lakes offers anglers endless four season sport fishing opportunities.”

Future Plans

The LOLTA received a grant of $27,571 from Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC) in support of the tournament, which will hopefully secure it  as an annual mainstay for years to come. Not only will this event improve the reputation of the region as a noteworthy fishing Ontario destination (not just for bass, but for Pike and the other species known to the waters,) but it will bring activity to businesses and other services in the area.

“The money will greatly assist the sustainability of the tournament for years to come,” said Rachelle Hardesty. “LOLTA’s intention is to continue this event annually to assist our businesses in staying open longer throughout the year and attracting new visitors to the area year-round.”

Reservations and Contact Information

Loughborough Lake is home to the only marina in the area – the Loughborough Lake Marina – and accommodations for the tournament can be easily provided by the Loughborough Inn.  With elite access to Loughborough Lake, our welcoming Lakeview cottages are conveniently located close to the water’s edge, surrounded by the beautiful landscape on the Loughborough Inn grounds.

Contact Land O’ Lakes today to register for the Land O’ Lakes Live Release Large and Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tournament, and keep checking back for more information as the date approaches! The Land O’ Lakes Fishing Tournament is proudly supported by the Land O’ Lakes Tourist Association, Frontenac CFDC, and FISH TV.

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