cottageYou’ve done your research and found a perfect Ontario cottage rental. You’ve booked time off work and you’ve been looking forward to your Ontario vacation for weeks, if not months. Now it’s a couple days before you leave and you’ve started to think about actually packing. What to bring? Items like swim suits, books, sun tan lotion and bug spray probably seem like givens, but there are a few less obvious but equally important items to pack for the best Ontario cottage vacation. These are items you use every day of your life, but are easily forgotten when you’re packing for the cottage. If you leave for the weekend, missing a few sundries may not be a huge deal, but if you’re packing for an extended vacation, forgetting essentials could really effect the quality of your time away.

Taking your medication isn’t usually the highlight of your day, so it is easy to understand how you could forget to pack them when you leave for your Ontario cottage rental. However, a week without your medication could really diminish your enjoyment of your vacation.

While many of us could happily survive a week without internet access, a week without a cell phone (for emergencies, at least) may be a little too much. Hopefully, you won’t be on your cell that much – if at all – but chances are your battery will start to fade within the course of a week, so make sure you pack your cell phone charger. Also ensure you bring a car adapter in the event your Ontario cottage rental doesn’t have electricity.

Glasses and/or Contacts
Many of us who usually wear contacts can easily forget to bring our glasses as backups. Getting bug spray or suntan lotion in your eyes can leave your eyes a little too raw for contacts, so be sure to pack your glasses, just in case. Alternatively, if you usually wear glasses, bring your contacts in the event you decide to go tubing, water-skiing, wake-boarding or knee-boarding. Glasses are expensive, you don’t want to lose them.

Pack Extra Clothing
Cottage life is all about minimalism, but many cottages don’t have laundry facilities – and even if they do, do you want to spend your vacation doing laundry if you don’t have to? This is why we suggest bringing about 2 changes of clothing per day. Cottage life can be messy and wet. The kind of clothing you’ll want to bring depends on the season as well as the cottage you are renting. Even Ontario summers can vary greatly in day and night time temperature, so bring layers. Also bring clothes if you are planning to go out for dinner at any point. You’ll probably want to look a little nicer for an evening out than for a night around the BBQ.

And finally…

As you’re sitting around dreaming of your Ontario cottage rental vacation, make sure to write down items you’d like to bring as they occur to you. A list will help reduce your risk of forgetting.

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