ontario vacationPlanning your Ontario vacation has never been more important. With so many options and things to think about, you’ll need to consider every piece of your vacation before you embark on your holiday, wherever it may be.

Ontario has no shortage of amazing vacation hot spots including beautiful Kingston, Ontario, close to all major cities and home to a breadth of vacation attractions. The entire province however, has an undeniable natural appeal, from it’s rocky shores to it’s tranquil lakes. Every year, millions of people make Ontario a vacation destination, but planning your perfect get-away is going to take a little forethought.


Any reputable resort will offer special Ontario vacation packages, but many of these offers book up fast – especially if you’re planning on a getaway in peak season. Peak season for most resorts is late Spring to early Fall. This means if you’re expecting to be able to call up and book for next weekend, you’ll probably be out of luck. The most popular Ontario resorts are popular for a reason, and their weekend availability is limited. Weekends are not only busier, but they also tend to be pricier. If you want to save a few bucks, try booking mid-week. You’ll also encounter a greater availability if you book during the week.


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You’ll also want to consider what kind of getaway you’d like. Are you looking for the best weekend getaways? If so, you’ll need to consider how much you can do within one weekend. If you’re looking for Ontario Vacation Packages for families, you’ll want to avoid resorts that cater exclusively to couples. The reverse is true: If you are looking for a little alone time for you and your sweetie, you may not want to be over run with kids, so take a look at the best couples resorts packages. Along this same line, if you have kids and want some alone time, you’re going to have to coordinate a babysitter with the availability at your resort of choice. Many resorts cater to families and couples, so just be sure to do your research. None of this planning is impossible, of course, but you are going to have to curb the procrastination and start planning ahead.

If you want to get away as soon as possible, you may have to accept a mid-week or limited weekend booking – and there is nothing wrong with this option. Some of the best times in life are spontaneous, and let’s face it, there is nothing quite like lounging at the end of a dock mid-day on a Tuesday.  On the other hand, if you can wait a bit and look around, you can score ideal Ontario vacation packages for a great price.

The Loughborough Inn is offering a range of affordable and luxurious spring and summer savings, starting as low as $122/night.  All our Ontario Vacation Packages are all-inclusive, so you’re completely covered from arrival to departure.

All packages include:

  • 3 daily meals including your choice of three entrees at each meal.
  • Boat rentals (fishing or pontoon)
  • Independent fishing guides options
  • Free launch, dockage and electricity if you bring your own boat
  • Gasoline sales for all boaters
  • Complete access to all Loughborough Inn amenities