frontenac-05When people are looking for Ontario Luxury Resorts, there is often not one single image that comes to mind. This is because there is not one universally held concept of luxury. To some, luxury is breakfast in bed, 5 star hotels, daily mud baths, champagne breakfasts and limo service. To other people, luxury is sleeping in, air-conditioning and being able to set your own schedule. There are other people still who think luxury is camping with their family, waking at dawn to bird song and finding a calm lake for fishing. Maybe your idea of luxury combines a little bit of everything. The point is, if you’re looking into Ontario luxury resorts, you’re going to want to have a pretty good idea of what ‘luxury’ means to you.

Merriam-Webster defines luxury as:  ‘Something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary.’ So, based on that general concept, you should be able to narrow down what your idea of luxury includes.


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Some luxury resorts in Ontario are basically 5 star hotels. You can get full range of spa services, breakfast in bed, hot tubs on your patio, and fine dining created by award winning chefs – and to some, this may sound fantastic. To others, it may seem overwhelming and undesirable. Often, these luxury resorts are not family friendly. This isn’t to suggest you are forbidden from bringing children, but they do not necessarily cater to families – especially young families. There may be limited activities for children. For the most part, these luxury resorts operate with adults in mind.  (Of course, there are exceptions to every rule – we are speaking in generalities.)

Young families (and all families!) should fear not, though! There are  many Ontario luxury resorts that do have a wide range of family friendly programming. Of course, we certainly believe the Loughborough is a leader in this category of luxury resort with plenty of family vacation packages for all sizes and varieties of families. Our dinning is superb, and family friendly. We offer an impressive range of activities for children of all ages, like swimming, a playground, a pool, boating and games. You can enjoy the privacy of your own air conditioned log cabin or cottage whenever you want, but also mingle with other guests if you feel like it. This makes the Loughborough Inn (and Ontario luxury resorts like the Inn) also ideal for adults and couples (we are a fantastic couples resort option as well!).

Now, if you’re idea of bliss is camping, then the KOA would be a luxury resort suited to you. Yes, this may sound silly, but you have to remember that luxury – like beauty – is in the eye of the beholder. If you’re looking into booking an Ontario luxury resort, be sure to do your research so you are getting exactly what you want.

With plenty of activities available on-site like our luxury boat rentals, hiking trails and some of the best exclusive cabin and cottage rentals in Ontario, you are guaranteed to find an enjoyable Ontario Luxury Resort getaway this summer or fall.